Remembering Special Occasions

Who doesn’t like birthdays? Birthdays should be a time of great joy, fun and commemoration. Friendly Visiting remembers homebound individuals’ birthdays and holidays with cards, gifts, and special visits, letting them know that someone really cares.

During the holidays, when loneliness can be overwhelming, visits are made to homebound individuals to share the spirit of the holiday.

Seasonal Birthday Parties

Friendly Visiting has been known as the ‘Party Planners’ and organizes unforgettable birthday parties, where the homebound individuals have the chance to celebrate in style.

Participants look forward to these wonderful events that allow them to get out of their home, courtesy of the free door to door transportation that is provided by the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island. Each person is surrounded by others who are in similar situations as they are, not to mention by good fun and bright smiles.

A favorite birthday moment for the homebound individual is opening a special birthday gift just for them.


Dear Libby, thank you for making my 90th birthday celebration the best ever. The dinner was delicious and plentiful. Libby, you sure know how to make a senior feel younger and happy. Good luck in all your endeavors.

– Mildred B.



Dear Libby, thank you for mentioning my 90th birthday at the luncheon. It has been a quite birthday as most of my relatives and friends live out of New York. But I did get many cards and telephone calls. Libby, you are truly loved by all us ?seniors?. Keep going and doing in good health!

– Anita U.